Rémi Scandella

Web developer


I am Rémi, I am 30 . I studied mathematics at university for 4 years and I am a web developer. I like to create fun experiences on the internet.

My interest for geeky stuff started very early — my passion for video games developed as soon as I could hold my brother's Sega MegaDrive controller. Then, a passion for the internet manifested itself as soon as I got access to it, when I was 11. I was fascinated by the possibility to create my own website, accessible by anyone, anywhere.

My third passion is science. I've always been fascinated by physics, but I chose to study mathematics instead. In the end, I want to focus on web development.

After having developed many projects on the web since 2006 — mainly personal projects, with no desire to share them — I have decided to do it professionally.

Don't hesitate to contact me, whatever the reason! :)

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